Being one of the most in-demand Wedding Photographers in the Lake District isn’t about resting on one’s laurels. Sure being one of few professionally qualified photographers is good, as is being featured twice in such as the Wedding industry’s FAB magazine ‘To Have & To Hold’, but how do you continue to be so in-demand?

For me, its not just about being a good, even great, Wedding Photographer, its about being the best-value Lake District Wedding Photographer; but what does that actually mean?

Put simply – it means that at a certain price-point, there are no other photographers as good at that price-point.

Being the best photographer there is available for, say, a £1,000 service means that most couples who are looking to Book their own Wedding Photographer will of course find your photography & pricing attractive; but Booking a photographer is more than just great photos and even great pricing, its about who they are as a person and how well you’ll gel & have fun with them on the day of your Wedding. To find out what they are like to deal with you need look no further than any photographer’s Testimonial Page, genuine comments from previous happy couples, added to both great pricing and great photography is surely enough for anyone to at least make an enquiry.

To help you gauge that yourself, take a look here at my own comments from previous happy couples just like you… TESTIMONIALS

Back to the photography then as this blog is about a recent photoshoot in Leeds…

This photoshoot with Kirsty was all about testing both new equipment and also new techniques that I can use to help keep my work interesting, fresh and to maintain that best value-ness.

Kirsty is not a model, just a regular woman in her 20s and willing to play along for a couple of hours in return for photos she can use herself. The area of Leeds we set out for is the business district on a Sunday afternoon, thinking it’d be totally empty of people. It almost was, aside from the Security Guard who was concerned I might photograph a door (WTAF?) and hence wished us to move on!

For this shoot I was using a new wide-angle lens, a Sigma ART 24mm f1.4 and shooting it at f1.4 to keep Kirsty sharply in focus while allowing the background to fall out-of-focus (OoF), this is a technique common to all Lake District Wedding Photographers as it maintains most interest on the subject, while allowing you to still see where they are even though the background is blurred.

Additionally I was using a Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 to both thrown the background even more OoF, and to play with the compression aspects afforded by such a lens too.

The real ‘focus’ (pun intended) of this shoot though was the use of the GODOX AD200, which is a remarkably powerful yet quite small flashgun, and at under £300 it represents good value for money too. Can you spot the best value theme? lol

The really clever bit about this flashgun is that it can work in what’s called High Speed Sync (HSS), allowing me to use those wide-open apertures that make for very OoF backgrounds while still providing enough power to light Kirsty properly, and all done by the camera’s automatic metering too (known as iTTL for the Nikon D750).

Although this is just a minor selection of the whole shoot I hope you can see that it shows that the mix of equipment & technique is working well. That Kirsty worked well too as an untrained ‘model’, just as you will too in front of my camera on your Wedding Day. And that you can appreciate too that I’m not bad at this photography lark – and hence why, when you’ve seen my PRICING (click the link) and my PORTFOLIO too (another link), that you’ll appreciate why I’m both so in-demand but also why I’m confident that I’m one of the best value Lake District Wedding Photographers working today.

Thanks for looking 🙂

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