I cannot tell a lie... receiving an unsolicited Testimonial from one's happily married & photographed couples is one of the best feelings EVER.
It doesn't matter if its a simple one liner, or an essay as some you'll see below.
If there is a better job, I don't know what it is.
So if you have time on your hands for a good, encouraging, read as to why I should be recognised with a Photographic Sainthood lol - read on - and I look forward to adding your review too one day.

Jessica & Dan

Broadoaks Country House Hotel

The loveliest photographer in the world! Super chilled, didn’t even know he was there and he has taken the most beautiful pictures – some of which we didn’t even know about until we got them back. He has also gone above and beyond to get our pictures to us (it’s a long story…). Mr G thank you so much, and for putting up with us crazies. BOOK BOOK BOOK – the photos speak for themselves, you will not regret it”

And again after receiving their photos as a Digital Download

“We came across David and his amazing photos when we booked our wedding at Broadoaks Country House. His photos spoke for themselves but it was lovely to hear about the relationship he had with Broadoaks, one of his regular venues and the regard that the staff had for him. He was an absolute professional throughout the whole process but with that he also brought his lovely Northern sense of humour. For us, David’s key skill and ‘USP’ was his adaptability and flexibility. There are no prescriptive poses with David, no military precision shots or uncomfortable pressure to tick things off. Each wedding is individual and he will do what you, the couple, want, not what he thinks you should have. That’s not to say he won’t recommend certain things or timings in terms of light etc. but he will work with you and around you, making sure that your day is just that, your day! We were very laidback, perhaps too laidback, but whenever we fancied a few group shots or some pictures of us, he was there on hand and ready to go. We also had some random suggestions and where he could, he delivered on these. We wanted a relaxed and free-flowing day and that’s exactly what we got, David played a huge role in ensuring that was so. Not only did we strike up a lovely relationship with David but our photos are beautiful, we could not have asked for more. He also went above and beyond in ensuring we received our wedding photos (100% our fault and not his!).

David you were a pleasure to have around, thank you for providing the most amazing lasting memories of our big day. We never expected such gorgeous shots and will treasure them forever.

Thank you

Jess and Dan Street”

Saran & John

Daffodil Hotel & Spa

Reviews from them BOTH – John first…

“Photography for us was personally always the most important, and therefore most scrutinised part of getting married so I’ll be more than happy to leave a review for David
We had what’s known in the business as an “intimate wedding” which meant only one thing for a wedding photographer: a more difficult / unusual job in hand!
We had many of our own reasons for an intimate wedding which aren’t relevant to our review of David’s service, however, one of them wasn’t budget. We wanted the nicest venue in the UK that fitted our personality, the most appropriate atmosphere for an intimate wedding, and most importantly the best photographer to capture it all. We were not disappointed.
Because we live in Wales and were booking our wedding in a matter of weeks, we messaged three wedding photographers, David answered all our preliminary questions & queries informally, yet professionally. He put us at ease while at the same time reassuring us of his expertise. The examples online of his previous work had us instantly sold, and his good communication on top was a bonus.
David arrived at the venue in plenty of time, made himself available to show his support with any last minute hiccups and made sure every important moment was captured. Even though we had an intimate wedding, David did a great job of blending in with the environment to capture our most natural & at-ease shots, along with some posed ones for good measure of course. All the while David was easy to talk to, relaxing and at ease throughout the whole day.
Every single moment we didn’t want to miss was captured, from us getting ready separately – to the moment our little girl walked over and presented us with our rings.
Throughout our whole day, David was accommodating, professional, and very patient with our 4 year-old who decided she fancied becoming the photographer for a moment. David was also dynamic in our unusual style of wedding, yet incredibly relaxed throughout the whole occasion.
The quality of the wedding album (which arrived very quickly) was impeccable. We enjoyed going through all of the pictures and we were so impressed we both messaged David straight away to tell him how blown away we were with it.
Because your wedding day goes so quickly, having a day to remember is only as memorable as the memories you capture, and David Goodier did not disappoint in the slightest. I’d highly recommend him to anybody”

And from Saran…
“Our wedding was a very small one, just the two of us and our 4 year old daughter, so we really wanted someone who would take the best photos. When I first contacted David, he was kind enough to take time out of his holiday to respond! We arranged to speak when he arrived home and he was very patient while I asked all of my questions and very informative and not at any point did I feel pressured. The wedding day was fabulous. Though I did have a feeling that we would feel a bit awkward or uncomfortable having a photographer there with all eyes on us. But as soon as David arrived he put us at ease; he comes across so relaxed and easy going, he even let our little girl take some shots, but the professionalism did not falter and every single photograph is breathtaking. We now have what we wanted, the most amazing wedding memories from our day captured in an album we will cherish for years to come. Thank you David for being such a big part of our small wedding! John. Saran and Sophie xx”

Dawn & Stephen

Broadoaks Country House Hotel

Good morning David,

We received our beautiful wedding album and just wanted to say a big thank you for the brilliant presentation of our stunning photographs.

We are absolutely delighted and also think that the front cover is just amazing! We are glad that we took the time to choose the right person to capture our perfect day.

We look forward to seeing your work in the future and will stay in touch through Facebook.”

Emily & Christian

Bulkeley Hotel, Beaumaris, Angelsey

You did an absolute top job! You kept us in good spirits and laughing even though at one point I was wondering if the marriage would be annulled !!! the pictures have turned out fantastic and can’t wait to see the rest. glad you got to enjoy some of the extra beauty of Anglesey too”

Emma & Martin

Town Hall Registry Office, Wakefield

“Just need to say what a wonderful photographer this lovely man is, he made us feel at ease and was so patient and helped to guide us through our day and we appreciate the work he has done greatly, thank you David you are a star

Oh and sorry about the baby shark!

Mr & Mrs Hartley xxx

Sophie & Joe

Broadoaks Country House Hotel

Brilliant photos from such a perfect day, highly recommend David Goodier Photography!”

David & Joe

Broadoaks Country House Hotel

Once we decided on Broadoaks Country House for our wedding venue the next big decision is who do we pick for our photographer for the day. It didn’t take long to find David Goodier. Coming highly recommended by Broadoaks and with only the briefest of looks at his website our decision was made. In planning the day David was quick to respond to any and all queries and questions. Immediately we knew we had made the right choice. Once the day itself arrived we were both made to feel very at ease by David. He has a fantastic knowledge of Broadoaks. He has a vast experience of wedding photography and is a genuinely nice guy meaning having our pictures taken felt very easy. The taster pictures we have seen so far are excellent and we can’t wait to see more. So if you’re in any doubt who to choose, look no further than David Goodier.”

Abigail & Jordan

Tankersley Manor Hotel

A testimonial is usually a sentence or two, maybe a paragraph even, where a couple say thanks by sending a message that I can use to show to others as a recommendation – and they are always appreciated
This one however – this is an essay !!!

“Wedding Photographer – David Goodier – Photography Experience on our wedding day
When I began initially planning my wedding, a photographer was a key part of my day that I was not willing to scrimp or save on. I wanted to ensure that my beautiful day was captured from the very beginning up until the final moments ensuring that our special day was encapsulated in beautiful photographs that we could look back on in years to come and show our future generations. I was lucky enough to be good friends with David’s wife prior to booking my wedding, so naturally he was one of my first choices for wedding photography! However I did go through the motions and spoke to others at wedding fairs and viewed their portfolios but nothing compared to David’s work. I noticed in competitors work that there were many “dramatic” shots where the couples look thoughtfully into the distance, no smiles or love in their faces, the shot more focused on the “artistic” twist. David’s photos differed in the way that couples were almost always captured smiling, laughing or exchanging gazes where true love and joy can be seen on their faces as they enjoyed the biggest day of their lives. This was one of the main factors which contributed in my choice of photographer. I loved that I would be captured naturally in the photographs, that I could look back on them and recall how I truly felt in that moment by the emotions conveyed on my face.. my husband however truly loved David and his photography packages as it complimented his already lightening wallet haha. David’s packages are very reasonable compared to many without sacrificing the true quality and beauty of exceptional wedding photography.
Once we decided to see David for an initial consultation we were invited into his home where we were presented with several albums all displaying different styles of wedding photos. Some were fun, energetic and completely natural whilst others showed the romance and pure emotion that the day conveyed to the couples in the photos. The Italian style leather bound albums were of the purest quality and proves he wants to showcase his work in the most stylish way. We decided there and then to book David. We opted for the 12 hour photography package with album and all edited photos available digitally. We paid a reasonable deposit and were made aware when our final balance was due.
David then largely didn’t pester us up until the lead up to our wedding day. He answered my many questions with patience and honesty and never once laughed at my sometimes silly queries. We then met with him before our big day, he walked around our wedding venue with us and talked us through the venues “beauty spots” and where would give us beautiful backdrops without having to travel miles away. He discussed group shots with us and helped us to formulate a reasonable list again without us having to sacrifice particular shots we really wanted including in our final wedding album.. then that was it, he bid us farewell and assured us when he would be with us and where he would meet us on our wedding day!
The day came and I was understandably incredibly nervous by the time David arrived! He introduced himself to the bridal party but then became almost invisible, drifting around the excited group of ladies taking stunning natural shots, many of which were not posed for, my bridal party and myself were captured smiling, laughing and taking controlled, very nervous breaths (the bride only)! He was on hand for emergency hair and makeup adjustments, being the only person with hairspray on hand when required (I later found out this was his wife’s/my friends hairspray which he had stolen that morning for such emergencies), he was there to help with the most complex necklace fitting when it looked like the bridal party just weren’t going to manage getting my jewels around my neck and he was there with reassuring words when I couldn’t hold the nerves in and thought my champagne breakfast was going to make an encore appearance. But once we finally overcame these hurdles, David then talked me through the beauty shots, photos which showcase the bride prior to her marriage, in between all this bridal chaos he had also managed to locate the groom and his best men and take some gorgeous photos of him displaying his very crazy sense of humour, something which many fail to grasp or understand haha.
I didn’t notice David during my ceremony assuming he had taken a seat whilst the nuptials occurred, however once receiving my edited images I noticed he had managed to capture the intimacies of the whole thing, making himself again invisible but managing to get close enough to the proceedings to photograph the most intimate and beautiful moments of our wedding without ever disturbing the moment. In the hour following the service he managed to capture my guests in the most natural of moments, when they were laughing, chatting or even congratulating the happy couple. He then gathered those required for the group shots and took us out into the windiest day of 2018, he rejigged the list to ensure the little flower girls were photographed first so they could get back inside to the warm reception and then opted for a large numbers down approach to ensure we could get all our group shots done quickly and make sure we all got back inside before the brides dress was taken by the wind and swept onto the roof!
Then once the guests all sat to eat, David took his break, knowing that no lady wishes to be photographed with a spoon of broccoli soup halfway to their mouths! He photographed speeches and guest reactions, capturing the smiles and giggles in response to the cheeky grooms words regarding married life to come! But at this point David collared myself and the groom to tell us twilight was very quickly approaching and that whilst everyone was mingling and chatting between themselves we might want to make our way to the hotel grounds to capture photos with the dusk skyline in the background.
Once the sun was almost set David took a series of photos which are arguably some of my favourites. His choice of lighting and angle was amazing and gave us some of the most beautiful photos of us as the bride and groom, we are in the process of having one put onto a canvas so we can display it proudly in our home. He brought us back out just before our evening guests arrived to photograph us in an archway which looks rather bland in the daylight, however he used the lighting of the venue and some unexpected car headlights to create a gorgeous set of photographs which were quite striking but completely reflected me and my hubby at the same time.
David stayed for the all important cake cutting and first dance catching us in our first sway (the new hubby has two left feet) and then stayed for the all important boogeying. Photographing my sister/maid of honour in her all finest and most hilarious glory.
Having said all the above, I could not recommend David more. I have recently collected my album. And it is, as expected and promised more beautiful than I could imagine. He has caught every special smile, look and moment of our wedding day and put it into photos for us to keep and cherish. We will never forget our day, and we have the photos that will remain just as young, beautiful and special as the day itself.
So David, Thankyou so much for being the most special photographer we could have hoped for!
Lots of love
Mr and Mrs Stenton”

Ian & Adam

Broadoaks Country House Hotel

Just a quick note to say we’ve been through our wedding photos and we think they are fantastic!
We can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work on the day itself and for the long hours that have no doubt gone into editing the photos afterwards.
We have written a review for you below, feel free to use this as you wish;

We would like to say a massive thank you to you for all of your hard work on the day itself and for the long hours that have no doubt gone into editing our photographs afterwards. The quality and finish of every one of our photos is amazing and we can’t thank you enough!
We were particularly impressed by the way you were able to capture the atmosphere of the day through natural candid shots of us, our family and our friends interacting and enjoying the moment. The photos are exactly what we had in mind and we would just like to thank you again for how patient and understanding you were at many points throughout the day.
Our friends and family have all commented on how professional and courteous you were and how much they also love your work!
For the attention to detail, the quality finish and for the speedy turnaround we will certainly be recommending your services to everyone we know in the future!”

Thanks again!

Vicki & Elliott

Broadoaks Country House Hotel

“I could not recommend David enough! From the get go he made the whole process easy and put us both at ease from the pre wedding shoot to the actual wedding. It helps that he is a genuinely lovely person as well. Our photos are incredible, he captured the day and everyone perfectly. Thank you so much David we both really appreciate everything you did and the speedy turn around of the photos was incredible!
Vicki and Elliot xx”

Claire & Neal

Broadoaks Country House Hotel

Where do I start? When we booked the venue Broadoaks there was no question as to who we wanted for our photographer. Having seen the photo’s on the Broadoaks Facebook pages and having had a look at recent work, it was an easy choice. We met you a couple of weeks later at the wedding fair at the venue and knew straight away we had made the right choice. You were so easy to work with, always happy and excited on emails and made the entire process from booking, to photo choices right through to the day incredibly easy.

My husband isn’t a huge fan of having his photo taken at all and he really enjoyed the entire day including the photo’s and we were both so pleased with the outcome. On a personal note you are a really lovely man and very funny, you made us feel very relaxed on what was the most nerve-racking day of our lives and it really did help us enjoy the day more having you there as our photographer!

Your knowledge of the area and Broadoaks grounds really helped too, you knew exactly where to take us in the Lakes to get the amazing photos I really wanted and it gave us the chance to spend some time together just my husband and I. The photos really are just astonishing, we got the first glimpse the morning after the wedding and looked through them with our guests who were awestricken at how fantastic they were. I really cannot thank you enough for making our day even more special and capturing the little touches of the wedding and special moments of the day, it’s been amazing to look back on and we are so grateful!”

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I could add quite a LOT more lovely Testimonials here, but if the above isn't enough to give you a taste of what I'll be like at your Wedding, or how happy you're likely to be with your photos afterwards, then I'm probably not the Photographer for you.
If that's the case, I truly hope you have a FAB Wedding & LOTS of FAB photos to remember it all by.
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