Choosing the 'right' photographer is not just about money

If you’ve got this far then hopefully you’ve already seen my WEDDINGS PORTFOLIO so you must be happy enough with my photographic ability, you should have seen my TESTIMONIALS from happy clients so you can appreciate what previous couples, just like you, have had to say about their experience with me as their photographer, and you’ll defo have seen my PRICING so you must think that’s good value or why else would you be here still.

So, in the spirit of lightheartedness, here’s 7 further reasons why you should consider Booking Me as your Wedding Photographer, but especially if you can relate to most/all of this…

1 – you LOVE the great British outdoors, hills, mountains, water of any kind and getting mucky.

2 – you have a daft sense of humour and a positive mental attitude.

3 – you’re very much unique. You have a style of your own, perhaps described as quirky by some, weird by others, and individual by those who love you.

4 – you appreciate the value of planning but also that sometimes the magic happens when you wing it.

5 – you’re hoping for a sunny Wedding Day, birds singing and flowers beaming up at the Sun as it sails across a blue sky interspersed with fluffy white clouds, yet you won’t give a toss if it pours and a snowstorm locks you in for days.

6 – you LOVE people. Hearing their stories, their backgrounds, their aims, hopes & aspirations, and being able to spend a whole day with a couple on the start of their Wedding journey would excite and inspire you.

7 – you’d like your photographer to still laugh at jokes in speeches they’ve heard 100x and shed a tear as a father talks of his pride & love for his daughter or a mother of her son.

8 – and you don’t mind there being 8 points in a list of 7 lol.

If the above has inspired you to make an enquiry then I’d love to hear from you, so please CONTACT ME below – and I look forward to reading your Testimonial too when we’ve spent your FAB Wedding Day together and you’re reliving it all through my photography.

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