Being in various Groups on Facebook sometimes throws up FAB opportunities to HELP people – as here 🙂

Earlier this year I saw a PLEA for HELP from Francesca & Joshua as their booked Liverpool Wedding Photographer had suddenly decided he didn’t want to be a photographer any more! And literally left them without anyone to record their Wedding just 3 weeks prior to the actual date!

Yes I agree – he’s a **** !!!

So I offered my services, along with around 50 other ‘professionals’, most of whom wouldn’t know how to shoot their own foot let alone a Wedding!

Thankfully, Francesca soon saw through the “noise” of the offers and contacted me via phone – unusual these days – and after a brief chat I agreed to cover their ‘Micro Wedding’

‘Micro Wedding’ is a new term in the Wedding Photography world, which basically means there will be very few people (usually less than 10-15), and a very short coverage, as here where we had just 2-hours booked but Micro Weddings can be shorter than even that!

And so to the story of Francesca & Joshua’s Wedding 🙂

Thinks started off well (NOT)…

I’d stayed overnight in a nearby hotel and walked to our meeting point – in the RAIN – where I waited for 25 mins as Francesca was late AND wasn’t answering her phone; so I wasn’t 100% sure I was even in the right place lol

When she, and her Bridal Party, did arrive it turned out that St George’s Hall is ENORMOUS, and she didn’t know where her Wedding was taking place 😀

Eventually we found the entrance, and went up several floors in this ENORMOUS building, only to arrive at the SMALLEST Registry Office I’ve ever seen lol

So here’s a few photos of the first part of my coverage – a small but lovely Liverpool Wedding in St. George’s Hall

Post their Wedding we came outside to – yep – still RAINING !!!

But here’s where the ENORMOUS size of St. George’s Hall comes in useful as it has a 100m long covered area with HUGE pillars too; effectively this gives directional side lighting akin to having the World’s biggest softbox, which is just perfect for photos

And so, with their two lovely daughters as Bridesmaids too, we had a 10 minute photo session in lovely light, at a great location, in the pouring rain and we didn’t get wet!

The next part of their plan for photos was a walk around the stunning Albert Dock, but timing and RAIN pretty much put a stop to that; although I did manage a few shots right outside of the restaurant they were having their Wedding Breakfast

So overall, a very short coverage, with few people, in the pouring rain and yet – their photos are lovely 🙂

So if you too are having a St. George’s Hall Wedding, or even an Albert Dock Wedding, I’d love to hear from you as its perfect for my style of photography

Please CONTACT ME to discuss your Wedding plans and how best I can record & present them for you

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