I’ve now photographed more than 120 Weddings at Broadoaks Country House Hotel, and while the format for them all is broadly the same, each is uniquely different too; Aimee & Niamh’s Wedding had a few ‘firsts’ for me too, which always helps keeping one’s interest as a Lake District Wedding Photographer lol

Naturally, the day started off with RAIN !!! I know, it is the Lake District after all and lakes means rain, but really? This year has been awfully wet hasn’t it!

Did it dampen their Wedding Day though? Nope! Not one bit 🙂

Aimee & Niamh’s Broadoaks Wedding Photography PLAN for their day did include a few Group photos, but I managed to shoot all but one under the overhanging entrance to Broadoaks. Meaning NONE of them got wet, but to shoot this way means someone is standing in the rain = ME 😀

The only other major difference to our PLAN was there was no trip down to lake Windermere for photos, but we did manage a quick stroll in Broadoaks’ lovely grounds

Here’s a few opening images to set the scene of this Wedding, showing Broadoaks set-up for their very pink Wedding, and Aimee’s rather unusual footwear which suited her character perfectly

Aimee & Niamh had their hair & makeup done together, but to dress for their Wedding and surprise each other they dressed seperately

Aimee took quite some time getting into her dress, so I had to go see Niamh instead, who was already fully dressed in her suit

Niamh’s mum & dad were also present, and her mum shared her experiences of another Wedding where the photos were truly awful and how she expected more of me – no pressure then!

I was also introduced to the couple’s two Chihuahuas and this lead to my first ‘FIRST’ of the day… one bit me !!!

Thankfully, it being a very small dog, it did nothing more than scratch my calf a bit and immediately returned to looking cute – sneaky eh

Due to the rain the planned outdoor Wedding Ceremony had to be brought inside, where, as ever, Broadoaks’ staff had done a wonderful job of arranging the layout and helping dress everything pink for the occasion, making the Orangery look awesome

As Aimee walked down the driveway she looked a proper picture in her dress and with her bright pink veil – which – in another FIRST turned out to be made from a shower-curtain! Genius 🙂

As a nice touch (if you can hold back the tears) Aimee & Niamh read their own vows & promises to each other too

I’ll skip though the post Ceremony shots & Group photos, and jump straight into another FIRST – pets to meet & stroke provided by the wonderful team at Pet Encounter Cumbria, there is no website so I’m hoping that Facebook link works

As you can see there were a variety of lovely animals to meet, and, in the case of Ben the Meerkat, feed too

Anyone who wanted to feed Ben was handed a mealworm or two, then if you called Ben’s name he’d run up and eat the worm

See if you can spot the Bridesmaid who wasn’t keen on holding a worm, and then nearly panicked when she realised it was still wriggling too 😀

As  the No:1 Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photographer I’ve had a lot of FIRSTS over the years, animals haven’t played a huge part in that although I have had Alpacas several times, but a petting session defo went down extremely well with everyone

Final stretch now to avoid boring you all too much I hope!

Aimee & Niamh’s Wedding breakfast design was superb, including a range of older crockery that had been hand painted for another uniquely personalised look

Speeches were fun & emotional

We had a brief walk in the grounds too, and yep, still raining

Which led into 1st dance(s), whereupon I had my final FIRST of the day with not one but TWO Dad dances 🙂

PLUG TIME: so if you like these images & the story and would like to consider me as either your Broadoaks’ Wedding Photographer, or even for somewhere in the wider area as your Lake District Wedding Photographer, or, heavens forbid, even further lol – then go here and fill out my CONTACT FORM where (If I’m available) I’ll send you my 30+ page PDF Wedding Brochure and we can start the discussion & planning process for you too. Speak soon, cheers 🙂


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