YAY – back in Yorkshire !!!

I’ve photographed quite a few Wentbridge House Hotel Weddings over the years, and mostly as my bestie (who photographs Weddings there FAR more than anyone else!) is already booked elsewhere, so he recommends me instead 🙂

I don’t mind being second to him though, he’s AWESOME, so if you’re after a photographer for your own Wedding here, then look first for Martin Hillary as THE Wentbridge House Wedding Photographer – if he’s busy though, you know where to come next 😀


Alex & Dale’s Wedding was SUPER relaxed, and on a super lovely day too – not hot, not sunny most of the time, but just a proper lovely English summer’s day for a Wedding

It was also very much a party atmosphere, which in part led to me having to send them a whopping 731 photos to remember it all by !!!

Which led to Alex sending me this short & sweet comment when they viewed them all…

"I absolutely love them all you've done a fantastic job thank you."

Alex & Dale

Anyway, enough of the babble, let’s get to some of those 731 photos 😀

So here we are, a Taster of what an awesome day I had as a Wentbridge House Hotel Wedding Photographer, back amongst the (primarily) Barnsley accents I know so well

I am a Barnsley lad tha noz 😀

Just as a recap then…

If you’re looking for a Photographer for your own Wentbridge House Hotel Wedding, then you MUST look first at Martin Hillary Photography

But if he’s not available, or not your ‘thing’, then feel free to try me too as I’d LOVE to be back here shooting Wedding like this one 🙂

CONTACT ME to start a chat

Speak soon


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