Ok – so I admit it – I’m cheating a bit here! This Wedding actually took place at the lovely St. Helen’s Church, Overton, and it was Reception at the awesome Royal Kings Arm’s Hotel; moreso, I’m starting off with photos taken much later in the day at Lancaster Castle !!!

Being a Lancaster Wedding Photographer is an amazing job as Lancaster is just such a FAB place for Wedding photos, not only do we have this amazing Castle, but the beautiful Williamson Park and the truly amazing Ashton Memorial Wedding Venue too

The reason I’m starting with the Wedding Photos at Lancaster Castle is simply as I know few will read much further lol – and I REALLY wanted you to see what a FAB opportunity for photos this spot is, even (or perhaps moreso?) on a rainy evening

So here’s a few to whet your appetite…

Ok – so back to the actual Wedding bit then – at St. Helen’s Church, Overton

Its a smallish church well tucked away and with an unusual layout too, but lovely for Weddings with enough grounds for a few Group photos and some couple shots (when not blowing a gale as it was this day!)

Here my mojo was defo in the Black & White style as the interior lighting suited it so well

Now we’ve moved on from the church to the lovely Royal King’s Arms Hotel, but first we had a few photos outside the amazing Lancaster Castle, and with a very fun ‘Lancaster Documentary Wedding Photographer’ style set of walking across the busy road to the hotel

Just in case you’re wondering, a Documentary style is what pretty much every Wedding Photographer does these days

It simply means I record what happens AS it happens. ‘Staged’ or ‘Posed’ photos are often still wanted by most couples, generally for a few Group photos to record family & friends attending, and then perhaps a 15-20 walkabout with you as the newlywed couple, but as you can see that leaves the vast majority of a Wedding being captured in the most ‘natural’ state; which is the modern style

For those of you looking for a classic Wedding Car then look no further than Forest of Bowland Wedding Care Hire, they have quite a range of stunning cars, some over 100 years old!, and they’ve always been a delight to work with too

I may have gone a little OTT with the number of photos showing the Wedding Breakfast layout for this Wedding, but I feel its really important you see just how great it was, and obviously if you’re planning your own Lancaster Wedding then ‘details matter’ (a phrase the Jack Reacher series fans will know instantly!)

LOTS of photos follow now to give you more of a hint as to what to expect from your own Wedding photos, especially the candids of Family & Guests engaging with each other; these photos are not always flattering! But they are funny lol

If you’re still looking for your own Lancaster Wedding Photographer than you can simply CONTACT ME for availability, and to discuss how best I can capture & present your Wedding photos for you too. Cheers

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