One of the many reasons I love to photograph Weddings at Broadoaks Country House Hotel is that I have such a great relationship with their staff & owners that when there’s new ‘stuff’ that needs photographing I’m their go-to photographer

So this time I was asked to photograph their new bathroom, which has been specifically designed to cater for those persons carrying some form of mobility disability. Hence we now have a walk/wheel in shower-room, and a sit-up bath too – which even has a telly too !!!

One of the key features of anything Broadoaks does is that its done bloody well!

The high quality of the fit & furnishings is always apparent, so while the main point of photographing this new bathroom was to shoot ‘wide’ to get as much in as possible, I always like to shoot the details too as that makes everything that little more special, and shows the great attention to detail Broadoaks goes to as well

Broadoaks’ Music Room – one of their 4 areas licensed for Weddings – has also undergone a make-over during lockdown, with new ‘COVID-19’ appropriate furniture and spacing thereof, a new carpet and general redecoration too

I’m going to post those photos shortly too, but separately as some of the techniques involved in creating them will be of more interest to fellow photographers than clients

There are currently (ok so when I last checked) 53 Lake District Wedding Venues, of which the vast majority are in the southern lakeland area. They all have appeal for different factors, some HUGE some tiny, but there’s no other that has as much going for it as Broadoaks in my opinion, and its why I’m delighted to be the  No:1 preferred Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photographer

If you’re even merely, loosely, remotely thinking about getting married in the Lake District then I urge you to give Broadoaks a call – and here’s a link to their website too to make to easier for you… Broadoaks Country House Hotel

And so to the photos, some of which are duplicated to show that the new ceiling lighting actually changes colour too 🙂

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