Earlier this year I had a very small Wedding, where I acted as a Lake District Elopement Wedding Photographer, for a couple who married at the lovely Merewood Country House Hotel

For many couples, a trip offsite for some WOW Wedding photos is common, and, for most of my venues close to lake Windermere, that involves a trip to the lake itself somewhere

Most commonly when I’m a Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photographer (a venue I’ve shot more than a staggering 120 Weddings at now!!!), this means going down to a spot at Millerground that already features on my website here as “The Broadoaks Opportunity” but this couple wanted something different

So we scouted the local area for somewhere close enough to be considered a ‘nip out’, but where there’d be enough of a WOW factor too, and this is where we came upon Brantfell

Brantfell is not only a hill close to Windermere that overlooks the entire lake, but its also one where you can park fairly close to the top too; meaning that with just 10 mins or so huffing & puffing you can indeed have the most amazing lake views

So, despite rain all morning, this is exactly what we did for Jess & Paul

Lake District Elopement Wedding Photographer at Brantfell

Fancy a photoshoot with AMAZING lake views?

Looks pretty amazing eh?

So do you too fancy a walk up to & around Brantfell for some WOW photos that pretty much no-one else has ???

Its close enough to these venues to take around an hour or less to get there, up & down, and back to your partying

Of course if you too are having a Lake District Elopement Wedding, then you can stay longer as there’s probably few others (if anyone!) to worry about

We could even take a picnic up here for photos !!!

How FAB would that be 🙂


Its especially suited to:

weddings at Broadoaks Country House

weddings at Merewood Country House

weddings at Cragwood Country House

weddings at Brierywood Country House

weddings at Lindeth Howe

weddings at Storrs Hall

and a few others – basically if you’re getting married within 5+ miles of Windermere, and especially if yours is an Elopement Wedding, then if you’re an ‘outdoorsy’ couple wanting something both WOW & DIFFERENT, give Brantfell some serious consideration 🙂

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