To say my start to 2024 Weddings was a bit ‘damp’ would be an understatement of GIGANTIC proportions !!!

Only ONE of my first ELEVEN Lake District Weddings in 2024 didn’t involve getting wet at some point, with a couple of downpours so extreme no outdoor photos at all were taken, and local flooding occurred too!

Eden & Kieran’s Wedding was, wet, bordering WET, at times, but that didn’t damped the fun of the day nor their determination to go to the lake for some awesome photos

Being a Lake District Wedding Photographer means you just HAVE to get wet, and especially as a Broadoaks Wedding Photographer!

Why you ask? Well Broadoaks is a small venue, when there are 30+ Guests there’s really nowhere inside for Group photos on a rainy day, so the only dry solution is the front porch. Here, small groups can stand under the porch overhang and stay dry for their photos – but – that means to take those photos I have to stand outside in the rain lol

Eden & Kieran were very relaxed about their Wedding Day, and the generally chilled air of Broadoaks Country House was perfect for them, as it is for anyone wanting a ‘family’ & ‘homely’ atmosphere

I defo had my Black & White mojo on for this Wedding, but of course every B&W photo has a colour version too

Anyway, enough babble, lets see some photos!

Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photographer

Testimonial & 5* Google Review

Eden & Kieran posted this 5* Google Review for me 🙂

Our wedding photos look amazing! They arrived beautifully presented in an album of our choice for us to treasure forever. David was also amazing on our wedding day ensuring that we got all the photo opportunities we asked for including taking photos at the lakeside even though it was raining! Would recommend to anybody getting married!

Are you too looking for your

Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photographer ???

I have photographed over 120 Weddings at Broadoaks now !!!
Which is about 90-100 more than anyone else!
I even shot 40 there in one year alone (2022)

Or just getting married somewhere, maybe not sure where yet, in the awesome Lake District ???

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